NH/VT/ME Unsolved Homicides

Sunday, December 18, 2005


In February of 2004, a young woman named Maura Murray disappeared after a single car crash on a rural road in Haverhill, NH. It was 12º and though somebody spoke to her, by the time police arrived, she was gone. You can read more about Maura at www.MauraMurray.com or on her forum at http://www.mauramurray.com/phpBB2/index.php. Maura's disappearance and the disappearance a little over a month later of Brianna Maitland (www.BringBrihome.org and http://www.bringbrihome.org/forums/index.php) in neighborhing VT prompted me to start searching the internet for Missing Persons in NH and along the way also started gathering information on Unsolved Homicides in NH, VT and ME. The aunt of Lorne Boulet, who is also missing, has started a blog for the NH Missing persons at http://nhmissing.blogspot.com. Here, I will be remembering those who are believed to have been murdered.

My initial search started when a family member found a book entitled "Shadow of Death" by Philip Ginsburg not long after Maura disappeared. This book tells the story of a 'suspected' serial killer in the Connecticut Valley an area that borders NH and VT. You won't find much on the internet about these cases, since they took place in the 60's, 70's and 80's (and perhaps earlier). Below are links that have been found:

http://community.webtv.net/SilkyBoxerz/MissingPersons/ (a couple of these were solved)

The last url leads one to believe that this killer was apprehended...perhaps, but there have been other cases that leave this writer is not convinced that that is true...and the fact is that cases mentioned in this post are still listed as unsolved on the Vermont State Police website at http://www.dps.state.vt.us/vtsp/homicide/

As listed in "Valley of Death":

1. Jo Anne Dunham - Last seen June 11, 1968 - body found June 12, 1968
2. Cathy Millican - Last seen September 24, 1978 - body found September 25, 1978
3. Elizabeth Critchley - Last seen July 25, 1981 - body found August 9, 1981
4. Bernice Courtemanche - Last seen May 30, 1984 - body found April 19, 1986
5. Ellen Fried - Last seen July 20, 1984 - body found September 19, 1985
6. Eva Morse - Last seen July 10, 1985 - body found April 25, 1986
7. Lynda Moore - Last seen April 15, 1986 - body found April 15, 1986
8. Barbara Agnew - Last seen January 10, 1987 - body found March 28, 1987
9. Jane Boroski - Survived

Interestingly, in the IBrattleboro forum, retired VT State Police Sr. Sgt. Martin mentions:

10. Sarah Hunter - Last seen September 19, 1986 - body found November, 1986 (VTSP site)

The following is information I have found. I am by no means suggesting that these murders are related (though some are). I just want to make sure that they are not forgotten.

1973 - Diane Compagna & Anne Psaradelis - using dental records, the bodies were identified as 15-year-old Diane Compagna and 15-year-old Anne Psaradelis. The two friends — each having told their parents they were sleeping at the home of the other — had been missing from their Merrimack homes since July 12.

1975 - Judy Lord - On May 20, 1975 at approximately 12:30 PM, the body of twenty two year old Judy Lord was discovered in her Royal Gardens apartment. She had been suffocated and strangled. At the time of her murder, Judy Lord lived with her 17-month-old son Gregory. Judy was last seen alive on the evening of May 19, 1975 at about 10:30 PM, when she left a volleyball game that was being played in a common area of the apartment complex.

1977 - Shari Roth - The 22-year-old woman was found strangled and sexually assaulted near Sawyer Pond in Bartlett on Aug. 21, 1977. Her killer has never been found. And while the 25-year-old case remains open and is revisited occasionally as new technology comes along that could bring a solution, Roth's family is doing what it can to help, posting a Web site (www.shariroth.com), where anyone with information into her death can offer it anonymously.

1978 - Cathy Millican, age 26, last seen Photographing birds at Chandler Brook Wetland preserve on Route 11 in New London NH at around 5:30-6:00 pm on Oct 24th. She was found the following day a few hundred yards into the same preserve, stabbed 20 plus times. Theft nor sexual assualt were a motive.

1981 - Elizabeth Critchley, age 23, last seen hitchhiking on I-91 near the VT/MA border on July 25th. Found in the woods near Unity stage road in Claremont NH on Aug 9th. The cause of death was never determined, or made public, but it was treated as a homicide.

1981 - Laura Kempton - On Monday, September 28, 1981 at 9:30am, the body of Laura Kempton, 23 years old, was found murdered in her apartment located at 20 Chapel Street in Portsmouth NH. The autopsy conducted by the NH Medical Examiner reported Ms. Kempton died of massive head trauma, consistent with being struck by a blunt object, causing contusions and lacerations of the brain. Ms. Kempton was a student at the Portsmouth Beauty School and was employed at Marco Polo, Inc. and Karen’s Ice Cream Parlor."

1982 - Sylvia Gray, age 76, reported missing from her home near Moses Pond in Plainfield NH on Oct. 5th. Found the following day a few hundred yards from her home in the woods. She had been bludgeoned and stabbed to death.

1982 - Tammy Little - On Tuesday, October 19, 1982, Tammy Little was found murdered in her apartment located at 315 Maplewood Ave. in Portsmouth NH. The autopsy conducted by the New Hampshire Medical Examiner determined Tammy Little died as a result of massive head injuries. The 20-year-old female lived at 315 Maplewood Ave. and was a student at the Portsmouth Beauty School. "

1983 - Judith Flagg - On Jan. 6, 1983, Judith Flagg was at home with her baby son, Chad. When her husband arrived home at 11 p.m. that night, he wondered why the lights were off when he pulled into the driveway. When he entered the house, he found his son, Chad, who rushed to his father's arms smeared with his mother's blood.

1984 - Bearnice Courtemanche, age 16, last seen hitchhiking along Route 12 in west Claremont NH on May 30th. Her skeletal remains were found nearly 2 years later just off Cat Hole Hill road in Kellyville NH on Apr. 19th 1986. She had been hit in the head and stabbed to death. Nurse's aid Bernice Courtemanche, 17 when she disappeared, was not found until almost two years after her disappearance.

1984 - Ellen Fried, age 27, last known to be talking on the pay telephone at Leos Market in Claremont NH on July 20th. The following day her car was found abandoned in West Claremont NH on Jarvis Lane. One year later, on Sept. 19th, 1985 her body was found in Kellyville NH, the same tract of woods where Courtemanche was later found. Her autopsy also showed signs that she had died by knife.

1985 - Eva Morse, age 28, last seen hitchhiking on NH Route 12 along the Claremont/Charlestown border on July 10th. Her body was found on Apr.25th, 1986 near the Unity Stage Road. A few Hundred yards from where Critchley had been found. Eva Morse was last seen hitchhiking in Charlestown, New Hampshire, after leaving her place of work on July 10, 1985. Her corpse was not located until logger found it on April 25, 1986, with obvious evidence of knife wounds.

1986 - Lynda Moore, age 32, last known to be at her home, outside in the yard, in Saxtons River VT. Found later that day in her livingroom, she had been stabbed to death (within visible distance of I-91) in Saxtons River.

1986 - Sarah Hunter, a Golf Pro and was murdered on the westside of our state, but left in the Woodstock area

1986 - Heidi Martin - age 17, last seen jogging along the Martinsville Road in Hartland VT on May 1. She was found the following day in a swampy area behind the Elementary School, a mile from where she was last seen, she had been stabbed to death. This location is roughly 4 miles south of Sumners Falls where Steven Hill was found.

1986. Steven Hill, age 38, last seen picking up his paycheck from his workplace in Lebanon NH. on June 20th. His body was found with stab wounds along the CT River in Hartland VT at Sumners Falls two weeks later on July 15th. Sumners Falls is just across the CT River from Plainfield NH where Sylvia Gray was murdered.

1987 - Barbara Agnew, age 38, disappeared on her way home from a ski trip. Her abandoned vehicle was found in the I-91 northbound rest area in Hartford VT on Jan 10th. She was found Mar 28th, along Advent Hill road in Hartland VT, she had been stabbed to death. Barbara was a Nurse at the Dartmouth/Hitchcock Clinic and was killed in the first rest area (northbound) on I-89 in Sharon. Her body was not discovered unti March 28. She too was the victim of a vicious stabbing with wounds in the neck and lower abdomen area, which investigators were learning was the Valley Killer's signature.

1987 - Alene "Lulu" Courchesne - found Oct. 18, 1987, she had been beaten and manually asphyxiated, according to testimony from a medical examiner. She was found face down in a mud puddle on the side of Route 16 between exits 13 and 14 later that day.

1988 - Jane Boroski - Survived - Borowski was at a country store on Route 9 south of Keene, New Hampshire on August 6, 1988, when: An unknown man approached Boroski in the parking lot, dragging her out of her car, and pulled a knife when she fought back. At one point in their scuffle, when she asked why he had chosen her, the man replied, "You beat up my girlfriend." Boroski denied it, and the man appeared confused. "Isn't this a Massachusetts car?" he asked. Boroski pointed out New Hampshire license plates, and the stranger hesitated, began to turn away, then rushed at her with the knife again... ~ The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton, pages 229-230.

1989 - Pamela Webb - Abducted along the Maine Turnpike on the night of July 1, 1989, after she stopped near the Biddeford exit to change a flat tire. Her pickup truck was found parked along the Maine Turnpike. Her body was found in a wooded area of Franconia, N.H., in July 1989, 17 days after she disappeared. Pamela's skeletal remains were discovered 5 p.m. Tuesday in a remote section of the White Mountain National Forest in Franconia, off Route 3 two miles from Interstate 93 in a wooded area..

1991 - Rita Roy - Police were called to respond to 700 Elm St. the Center of NH parking garage, for a report of a female being stabbed. Upon arrival, police found Rita Roy, age 69, suffering from multiple stab wounds. Roy was transported to a local hospital were she died as a result of her injuries. An extensive investigation, spanning several months was conducted into this incident in an attempt to learn the identity of the assailant.

1991 - Stella Boulton - Stabbed, Portsmouth, NH, Feb. 16,1991

1991 - Carrie Moss when the 14-year-old New Boston, NH disappeared July 25, 1989. She went to visit friends in Goffstown . Moss' skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area of New Boston on July 24, 1991, a day before the second anniversary of her disappearance. A cause of death has never been determined, but police said in the past they believe she was murdered, according to Union Leader archives.

1991 - Theresa Reed - On Sept. 6, 1991, she was murdered. Police would say only that she was stabbed, probably by someone she knew, and that there was no sign anyone had broken in to her apartment. The case returned to the forefront several times over the years when the FBI got involved and when a state task force was formed in 1995 to focus on unsolved murders.

1991 - Lisa Wright - Strangled, Laconia, NH, Dec. 18, 1991 in her 661 Union Avenue apartment, was the victim of a homicide.

1992 - Susan Hannah - On 04-20-92 Hannah was reported missing since 04-18-92 by her mother. Hannah had been living with her mother since she separated from her husband. Hannah was last seen alive at the Whaler bar in Old Orchard Beach by bar employees on 04-19-92 at 0120 hours. Hannah's remains were discovered on 11-14-93 in the woods off a logging road adjacent to Route 117 in Limington, ME. A suspect has been interviewed in this case.

1993 - Cheryl Peters was shot to death in her Morrisville home. Police had a suspect from the beginning, but no one has ever been charged. Investigators. Police say they decided to renew the search for Cheryl Peters for several reasons, including the unrelated murder of Peters' daughter just this year and police determination to send a message to the killer.

1993 - Angela Blouin - found dead near Crawford Farm Road in Derby.The 21-year-old woman was found face up under a few trees about 150 yards from the Clyde Pond shoreline by someone collecting bottles around noon on May 30, 1993.The area was purportedly known as a place where teens would hang out and party.An autopsy later determined Blouin had been strangled; there was no sign of a sexual assault.

1996 - Rosalie J. Miller, 36, of Manchester whose strangled body was found in Auburn in 1997. Rosalie "Rose" J. Miller, was last seen alive in December 1996 leaving 3-Cousins Pizza & Lounge. She was getting into a van with some motorcycle gang members, he said. That night, Miller said Mindy West, 31, of Manchester, was in the lounge and saw Rose get into the van. West, whose murder in 1999 remains unsolved, was killed because she could identify the men, Miller contends. On Jan. 20, 1997, two young Auburn children went out to play and found the body of a nude woman far into a wooded area off Bypass 28, also known as the Londonderry Turnpike, it was reported that she was strangled.

1997 - Chantal Sauriol This victim was located on May 15, 1988 in Canaan, Vermont. She was identified in 1997 as Chantal Sauriol, a 16-year-old runaway from Montreal, Canada. Chantal was reported missing on May 19, 1987, three days after she disappeared. Her homicide remains unsolved.

1998 - Mindy S. West, 31, whose strangled body was discovered in the woods off Huse Road in Manchester in 1998. In July 1998, Mindy West disappeared. On Oct. 4, 1998, her badly decomposed body was found by children playing in a wooded area behind a Huse Road residence in Manchester. They saw something tied to a tree and mistook it for a scarecrow because of the condition of the body. It was Mindy West, a rope dangling from her neck. An autopsy determined she, too, was strangled.

1999 - Ashley Ouellette - Ouellette, a fifteen-year-old female from Saco, ME, was found lying in the middle of Pine Point Road in Scarborough, by passing motorists on 02-10-99 at 0357 hours. Ouellette was last seen alive at approximately 0200 hours at a residence in Saco. She was allowed to spend the night there, however, by morning Ashley had disappeared from the residence. Ouellette was not seen again until found in the road.

1999 - Mary Morales - The body of Mary Morales was found on March 4, 1999 along the guardrail of Interstate 91 in the Town of Vernon. She was last seen leaving her workplace in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts in the early afternoon hours of March 3, 1999. It is believed that she accepted a ride with a person she knew and was not seen again until her nude body was discovered off of I-91 at mile marker 4 the next morning.

2000 - Donna Whiteside - report that the Deputy Medical Examiner, Dr. Thomas Gilson has identified the body of the woman discovered in Hampton, New Hampshire on Sunday, June 25, 2000 as Donna Whiteside of Dracut, Massachusetts (DOB: 1/31/55)

2001 - Louise Chaput - Chaput, 52, a family and marital counselor, had come down from Sherbrooke, Quebec, to hike along the Presidential Range and was last seen alive on Nov. 15 in Pinkham Notch. After a three-day search, which began when her family reported her overdue from the hiking trip, New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game conservation officers found her body on Thanksgiving Day, off the Direttissima and Glen boulder trails, about a quarter mile from the Appalachian Mountain Club's Pinkham Notch base camp. Chaput's backpack -- dark blue with an internal frame and a green, down sleeping bag inside -- as well as the keys to her silver 2001 Ford Focus station wagon, remain missing.

2001 - Kelly Hancock - Meanwhile, New Hampshire State Police are working with Massachusetts investigators to determine why the 14-year-old's body was left near sand and gravel pits not far from Interstate 93 in Hooksett, N.H. Hancock's partially buried remains were discovered by a jogger April 23 off Industrial Park Drive in Hooksett, just north of Manchester.

2002 - Kelly Ann Tay, a 35-year old St. Johnsbury woman, was found lying dead in a driveway at Corey's Mobile Park in Littleton Friday morning.Foul play is suspected, according to Littleton Police Chief Cameron Brown, Friday afternoon.The woman was found partially clad. She had no shoes on. "Her clothing was in disarray. It is an obvious tragedy, but we don't know the causes," Brown said.

2004 - Wendy Morrello - The body of a Worcester woman has been found in Maine, officials say. ..Investigators are looking into whether Wendy Morello, 40, of Worcester, Mass., could be the victim of a serial killer. The bodies of three other Worcester women, Betzaida Montalvo, Carmen Rudy and Dinelia Torres, were found in the past year in Massachusetts -- one in Hudson, and two in Marlborough. ..York police say they believe Morello was killed somewhere else and dumped in a wooded area in York, just miles from Interstate 95. .."We, as of this time, have identified the female victim that was found on River Wood Drive as Wendy A. Morello," said York Police Chief Doug Bracy. ..Morello's body was discovered in a trash can by local resident walking their dog Monday night. ..Maine state police confirmed that they are looking into the possibly that Morello's death could be related to the deaths of three other Worcester women. .."

2005 - A missing New Hampshire woman's skeletal remains were found Saturday near a school in Tynsgboro, MA, a spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley said Monday. The state medical examiner used dental records to identify the body of Christina Lunceford, a 21-year-old resident of Nashua, N.H., last seen Aug. 1. Her remains were discovered by people walking in the woods near Greater Lowell Technical High School.

Unfortunately I didn't cite where I found the following Maine list and some of these cases may well have been solved. There is no list that I know of other than the VT State Police Website and one of the links above for unsolved cases in NH and VT which are posted below.

NH/VT Unsolved
Jane Doe, Bedford NH, October 6, 1971
Daniel O'Connell, Loudon NH, October 30, 1971
Kathy Gloddy, Franklin NH, November 22, 1971 (read more about Kathy at www.mauramurray.com
Paul Olsen, Madison NH, March 24, 1973
James Teta, Rindge NH, August 25, 1973
Domingo Valdes, Pelham NH, June 14, 1974
Maurice and Ellen Wilkinson, Center Ossipee, August, 16, 1974
David Longfellow, Manchester NH, November 24, 1974
James O'Brien, New Boston NH, April 12, 1975
Madlyn Crouse, Nashua NH, February 27, 1976
James Sullivan, Gilmanton NH, February 21, 1977
Casmiro Jablonski, Newmarket NH, July 6, 1977
Joan Gray Rogers, Hardwick VT, July 15, 1977
Jaclynne Snyder, Lee NH, September 4, 1977
Pauline Miller/ Ray Blanchette, Manchester NH, October 24, 1978
Kenneth Jache, Weare NH, October 14, 1979
Yvonne Fine, Concord NH, September 7, 1981
Mary Harrison, Winchester NH, October 30, 1981
Sylvia Gray, Plainfield NH, May 28, 1982
Pamela Brown, Barre VT, July 17, 1982
Lynn Snyder, Rollinsford NH, April 18, 1987
Judith Whitney, Winchester NH, November 8, 1987
Sharon Johnson, Bedford NH, July 28, 1988
Craig Lane, Peterborough NH, January 8, 1989

I have no way of knowing whether these cases have been solved or not. I have tried to research many of the name, but can find no information.


1- Effie MacDonald, 3/18/65, Bangor
2- Joseph Baillargeon, 2/7/68, Biddeford

1- Mary Olenchuk, 8/9/70, Ogunquit
2- Judith Hand, 9/10/71, Farmington
3- Alice Lothrop, 2/12/72, Cape Elizabeth
4- Joseph Albert, 4/17/72, Saco
5- Rita Sark, 9/27/72, Blaine
6- Joyce Tannerillo, 8/25/74, South Portland
7- Charles Mace, 9/23/74, Kittery
8- Robert McKee, 6/20/75, Newport
9- Florence Lauze, 8/16/75, Newcastle
10- Ludger Belanger, 11/25/75, Somerville
11- Shirley Baldwin, 4/4/76, Lisbon Falls
12- James Cassidy, 4/8/76, Amherst
13- Dorothy Milliken, 11/6/76, Lewiston
14- Raoul Schwartz, 11/12/76, Bridgton
15- Lila Drew, 3/18/77, Masardis
16- Leslie Spellman, 6/19/77, Northeast Harbor
17- Ellen Choate, 6/26/77, Newport
18- Freda Morrill, 7/7/77, Portland
19- Mary Ellen Tanner, 7/9/78, Lyman
20- Rose Consalvi, 7/25/79, Berwick

1- Rita St. Peter, 7/15/80, Anson
2- Joyce McLain, 8/10/80, East Millinocket
3- Arthur Robinson, 11/3/80/ Searsmont
4- Charles Carruthers, 5/30/81, Harrison
5- Jesse Eddins; 2/17/81, Bangor (Arson/Murder)
6- Patricia Oakes; 2/17/81, Bangor (Arson/Murder)
7- Donald Morrill, 2/17/81, Bangor (Arson/Murder)
8- Micheal Cochran, 2/18/81, Lucerne (Arson/Murder)
9- Pamela Campbell, 11/20/82, Holden
10- Kenneth Kramer, 11/20/82, Cherryfield
11- Douglas Parent, 10/3/83, Waldoboro
12- Mervin Grotten, 12/23/83, Belfast
13- Judy Flagg, 1/10/83, Fayette
14- Danny Ellsworth, 4/14/84, Augusta
15- Dorothea Burke, 6/28/84, Stockton Springs
16- Linda Maxwell, 9/28/84, Robbinston
17- Beverly Polchies, 10/14/84, Penobscot
18- Mary Ann Deragon, 9/12/85, Portland
19- Michael Sanborn, 9/16/85, Sanford
20- Baby Doe, 12/7/85, Frenchville
21- Mary Kelly, 4/26/86, Portland
22- Brian Kowalsczyk, 11/7/86, Winthrop
23- Vincent Lavopa, 12/7/85, Arundel
24- Alice Hawkes, 10/4/87, Westbrook
25- Donald Dunlap, 5/6/88, Lewiston
26- Peter Bassett, 8/13/88, Bangor
27- Steven O’Neil, 11/3/89, South Paris

1- Shirley McAvory, 8/8/90, Pittsfield
2- Angela Thomas, 9/28/90, Brunswick
3- Sean Conway, 1/23/91, Newfield
4- Henry Champagne, 2/14/91, Portland
5- Scott Clement, 11/26/91, Maine
6- William Holt, 7/16/91, Skowhegan
7- White; Brackett, 11/18/91, Waterville
8- Scott Clement, 11/26/91, Maine
9- Susan Hannah, 4/19/92, Old Orchard
10- David Mair, 7/15/92, Fryeburg
11- Maxine Bitomski, 1/16/93, Kittery
12- Tammy Dickson, 2/17/94, Portland
13- Sarina Towle, 3/25/94/Portland
14- Raynold Levesque, 4/6/94, Madison
15- Crystal Perry, 5/12/94, Bridgton
16- Louise Boccuzo, 6/12/94, Kennebunkport
17- Maude Holden, 10/28/94, Portland
18- Aisha Dickson, 1/6/95, Bangor
19- Jeffrey Bradbury, 3/31/95, Lewiston
20- William Greenwood, 4/30/95, Portland
21- Jenna Crabtree, 8/23/96, Windham
22- Malcolm Hobbs, 10/16/97, North Berwick
23- Robert Joyal, 4/14/98, Portland
24- Ashley Ouellette, 2/10/99, Scarborough
25- Bessie Selek, 4/20/99, Waterboro/Lyman